Thursday, August 28, 2008

Southern Drawl Back?

I started packing up my apartment tonight but most of the night I have been getting distracted by going through stuff I haven't seen for the past 2 years. I stumbled upon all my projects from grad school back in Virginia. I found the presentation reviews from my very first advertising campaign presentation. (you can click on the picture to enlarge it if you can't read it)

So what do you think? Do southern accents give a person less credibility? Sure it can be endearing on a personal level, but what about in the business or political world?

I think there is some legitimacy to this person's opinion.

I thought this was hilarious because I remember this presentation and I was totally milking the whole "Texas" thing.


~V~ said...

Riley, I would have loved to hear this!! And, can I say too: you are what we would call "country." Will you please tell Andy? :)

Lisa Marie said...

Ask's a linguistic phenomenon. Studies show that Southern accents are interpreted as sounding less intelligent. Sorry, Riley :/ You're still charming!

Lauren Hafernick said...

oh no! i have ZERO credibility if this question is in conjunction to a southern accent. move back to texas and i'll tell you how yours sounds, k?