Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I learned at my 10-year reunion

About a 3 months ago I had my 10-year high school reunion back in Hereford, TX.

Hereford's cool. It's the most relaxing place for me to go. When I go back, all I do is hang with my family, eat at Sonic, and walk my parent's dog. That's about it.

The reunion was fun. I mean how can a rodeo arena with beer-filled livestock feeding troughs and about 80 classmates trying to figure out how to impress people they see every ten years not be fun?! Seriously.

I had a ton of fun catching up with people I hadn't seen in a decade.

If I had a scanner I would have scanned picture of what I looked like in high school. But just for your imagination, picture an acne-stricken face, about 30 pounds lighter, Tommy Hilfiger from head to toe, and a rad braided leather belt at all times.

So here's what I learned/noticed from my reunion weekend:

• 10 years goes by really quick when you think about it. Really fast. I hope life slows down a bit.

• Everyone is "best friends" after 10 years. I mean, there were people I don't know if I ever talked to in high school and all of the sudden we were chumming it up like old pals.

• Tommy Hilfiger and Doc Martin's aren't timeless.

• You can get a lot better looking in ten years.

• You can get a lot worse looking in ten years.

• Thanks to Accutane, my looks dramatically changed since my senior year of high school.

• It's quickly evident who has faced their high school insecurities and dealt with them...and even more obvious who hasn't.

• It's way better to not peak in high school. WAY better. i would go as far as to say it's better to not be popular in high school. It gives you a false sense of reality.

• Why did I care so much about impressing people in high school or hanging out with cool people? Sucks I didn't realize it then.

• Ten years of unresolved bitterness doesn't look good on anyone.

• After high school, it's important to surround yourself with quick-witted people in life. They rub off on you and make you sharper.

• Having kids makes you a more joyful and content person. I was like 1 or 3 people at the reunion without kids. It was really cool to see friends interact with their kids...and curiously, some of them had a lot of kids! A lot more than I thought was physically possible in ten years for sure.

• The people you most want to be around are the ones who don't care what others think.

• Post reunion, you remember who seemed the happiest, not who looked the best.

• Not being the most popular in high school makes it really easy to exceed everyone's expectation after 10 years

• I would 100% go back and do high school all over again.