Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hey...Sweet Ax

So, my birthday is just around the corner and there is really nothing that I need. I mean, I would love an new iPhone since mine got stolen at church. Seriously, Saddleback Church. In addition to "worship" and "fellowship," we should add a 6th purpose and call it "leave crap where you find it." I would love some new shoes. The ones I currently wear every day were $30 at Nordstrom and have so many holes that if I walk in a parking lot, they get filled with rocks. But it's ok, because I can shake the rocks out the huge holes in the back of the shoe, it's just a nuisance. I could use pots and pans. I don't foresee a wedding anytime soon so acquiring a pot that has an attached handle would be a nice treat.

But after many hours of thinking of what I really want for my birthday, I arrived on one gift.

a Best Made ® Ax

I want one really bad.

Come on, how cool are they? I haven't decide which one I want because they are on backorder and there site only offers the "do it yourself kit" ax which I couldn't be less interested in. I want my ax delivered to me fully painted and in this bitchin box

So I'm throwing practicality and frugality to the wind and requesting the most frivolous gift I've ever asked for. iPhones will come and go and pots and pans will only get used, let's be honest, 2-3 times a year, but a sweet ax will last forever.

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