Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back like the McRib

Well fancy running into you here.

I know I have been distant for a while. Quite a long while actually.

Much like the McRib to OC McDonalds, I hope that my return to blogging is met with similar excitement.

Over the past few months I have:

• purchased my first home
• been back home to Texas twice
• become the last remaining single member of my team at work
• inherited the most kick ass computer at work
• joined a new church
• expired the warranty on my car
• furnished said home with furniture
• spent too many hours at Panera
• started watching Mad Men
• discovered the coolest new service that allows me to never shop for clothes in a store again

So what would you like to hear about first? How my new place.

My first decision was decided on what city I wanted to live in. I narrowed it down to Rancho Santa Margarita, Ladera Ranch, and Aliso Viejo. Here is the breakdown.

So, after months and month and looking all kinds of condos, one of which was a pot grow house. That was an interesting one. I ended up landing on Aliso Viejo. I liked the young community, location, proximity to the beach, freeway/toll road access, and it seemed a bit out of the busyness of Orange County. There are ton a running and hiking trails. I loved it. So, I found a place and here it is:

I am so thankful for it. Come over anytime! The door's always open unless it's closed. Then just ring the doorbell.

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