Sunday, February 3, 2008

Am I kinda cool?

I have noticed that there a few items in my closet that have been worn by some pretty famous people. So that makes me kinda cool, right?

I had to search the Internet pretty hard to find a picture of this one, but Ross wore this sweater in Season 7 Episode 13. It's not an exact match but close.

Zac Efron got this shirt at Urban did I.

Shia Belouf wore this RVCA shirt in "Disturbia." Again, I had to take this picture of myself wearing this t-shirt. I tried to act like I was laughing at something candid. Unfortunately, it just looks creepy.


Lisa Marie said...

You are so much cooler than those guys!! Well, maybe not Zac (because he was in HSM), but the others for sure. And I'm sure you have better grammar skills than Zac, which makes up for him being just a little bit cooler than you!!

Andrew said...

You were cooler until you had to go and point it out (which is very uncool). Sorry!

David Hughes said...

...hahaha dang you are cool...these are three legitimate pieces of evidence...congrats

Jessica Jenkins said...

Love it Riley... I was actually really surprised how fast you caught on to CA culture. Congratulations, I knew you had it in you!

Allison Murray said...

1) is that chinese writing at the bottom of the friends clip??? where did you find that!?
2) i LOVE zac efron with my whole heart. Everyone makes fun of me because he's so young...ask me if i care???
3) if you had a saved by the bell picture linking you with zack morris....i'd be much more impressed with your coolness. :)