Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 5 shows filling up my TiVo...

I am rarely home in the evenings which has really cramped my TV-watching addiction. So usually on Saturday mornings this is what is what I am catching up on:

• Modern Family
Dare I say it? This is the best comedy to ever be on TV. You know on most shows there are characters that you could do without or you kinda ignore their story line? Not the case with MF. Once of the subtly smartest shows ever. Favorite characters: Cameron and Phil

• Lost
It's the last season. I can't say it's the best season, but it's the last season. I have a consistent group of people I watch it that constantly have to explain to me what the crap is going on in this show, but I am still hooked on it and can't wait for Tuesday nights to roll around. Favorite characters: Kate and Sawyer

The Soup
The highlight to my week is watching Joel McHale mock VH1 reality idiots, LA morning show and Laguna Beach pricks. Favorite character: Joel closely followed by the chihuahua

Parks & Recreation
• Amy Poehler is brilliant. Diverse cast which makes the show appeal to a wide audience. I love style of the opening credits too. Favorite character: April and Andy

• Sure, this show has been on forever and every season it's basically the same plot, but it's still good. It's the last season and, like a dying dog, even though I'm fine to see it go, I'll stick with it till the end. Favorite character: Cloe

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