Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok, so I have gotten a lot of crap from people about joining Twitter. All I have to say is don't judge it until you've tried it. Check out this video that helps explain what it is.

If that video intrigued you enough, my name is rilescott.

And you can't give me crap anymore if you join, though.


TheBoyd said...

Cool you have a blog? I'm thinking about starting one.
That's funny. I had not heard of twitter until last night when Parker told me how he tried it and disliked it. I believe you though. I'm sure it's cool.
Anyway my question is how did you get that "life of riley" wiki post up on your page? There's one called the "boyd massacre" I want on mine. Or, is it poor blogger etiquette to copy someone else layout?

Andrew said...

Riley, I love you buddy, but I'm not going to be checking your tweets. I don't need to know when you're going poop.


kyle. said...

not that i'm planning on changing my mind on twitter anyway, but the video really lost me when the main character discovered a love for van halen.