Saturday, November 24, 2007

Product of the Week

I've had it with getting lost! I have lived in California for a year and a half now. You would think that I could make it from Costa Mesa to Foothill Ranch in one try. At most two! Not so much the case.

The other night was so preoccupied with being lost that the drivers around me didn't even know what I was doing which is why one of them rear ended me.


There are two reasons I miss exits and get lost:

1.) I rely on "intuition" when I am driving. "It will look familiar when I get there" or "I'll feel my way around."

2.) I am on the phone. This one happens more frequently.

So I went out on Black Friday and bought an early Christmas present for myself. Introducing the Garmin nuvi 660.

Now I can make phone calls, get traffic conditions, and audibly hear where I need to exit. I will never be lost again.


lhafernick said...

you are so funny. i just got a nuvi too and i love him. his name is nathaniel nuvi, but i call him nate. what's your nuvi's name?

megscarson said...

new Nuvi + busted bumper = perfect reason for a new car.